We exist as a family to impact:  

Our students, local community, and nations through passionately:

Assisting people in securing their identity in Jesus.

Equipping people to take ownership of their faith in Jesus.

Guiding people to find their purpose through Jesus.

Encourage people to meet the needs of their community.

And Inspiring people to discover a heart to disciple the unreached, rural, and island culture nations.



YWAM Kauai will gather a diverse group of students and staff from Kauai and all over the world.

Equipping them to walk in unity in their God given passion to serve in local community ministry, long term missions, And equipped with a Kingdom sustainable mindset.


YWAM Kauai will strive to be a well known and respected asset to the Westside of Kauai. We will be active in bringing unity to local churches and community efforts by encouraging them to follow after their God given passions and purpose.

YWAM Kauai envisions owning property on the Westside to provide a gathering place for the local community.

YWAM Kauai will be involved and witness to the youth of the Westside; by partnering with school bible clubs, after-school programs, youth groups.

YWAM Kauai envisions providing innovated solutions, education, and empowerment to the Westside using and creating venues for local sustainable resources. Do first, then teach mentality.

YWAM Kauai will support and nourish the community by; serving at community gardens, farmers markets, being an example and advocate for a lifestyle of zero waste.


YWAM Kauai will establish new long term works in unreached, rural and island culture nations.  

YWAM Kauai will establish more partnerships with YWAM bases with other island culture nations to provide ongoing consistent prayer, resources, respite and encouragement.

YWAM Kauai will export its knowledge and expertise in Kingdom sustainable practices.  


1. FAMILY / OHANA - a small base that loves like a family and operates effectively and efficiently.  Freedom of opinion, diversity, growing from within, more personal, putting a greater value over each other above our tasks, pursuing our passion and purpose together.  


2. Biblical Freedom -  “A base that values diversity in belief and thought, always held to a high biblical standard”.  Multi-denominational, Speakers covering full spectrum of belief, Freedom of opinion in a healthy safe biblical environment.


3. Aloha for the Āina -  stewarding the land as God originally designed: composting, growing our own food sustainably, gardening, permaculture, low impact / zero waste living, local sustainability, choosing a life giving lifestyle.


4. COMMUNITY/NATIONS - A consistent involvement in our local community and abroad. Expanding our value of “Ohana” locally and nationally. Inviting the local community to YWAM events, serving in local community events. Bonding, cooperating, and remembering our brothers and sister in the Kingdom abroad.