Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us with any unanswered questions 


How Do I apply for the DTS?

You can apply by clicking here 


How Much does the DTS cost?

The DTS cost is $6,000. This includes tuition, housing, food and course materials. This also covers your housing, food and transportation (grounds fees) while on outreach. This does NOT include the cost of your airfare, visas, travelers insurance or vaccinations for outreach. Although these fees vary depending on outreach location, they average between $1,500 and $2,500. *prices subject to change

Note: You will want to bring some extra money for items such as laundry, snacks, etc.


Do I need to have travelers insurance?

Travelers insurance is not included in your DTS tuition. Although it is not mandatory it is HIGHLY recommended. One insurance option is Talent Trust (http://www.talent- who specialize in short and long-term missions. An estimate for 3 months of traveling abroad is $100-$200.

When is my Tuition due?

Although we prefer 100% of your tuition to be paid up front, we do offer the below payment plan for qualifying students:

$1,000: Prior to arrival 

$2,000: Week 1

$2,000: Week 5

$1,000: Week 7 


How can I pay for my DTS? 

Please pay using checks only. Make your checks payable to "YWAM Kauai" and mail them to:

PO Box 260

Waimea, Hi


What will my schedule look like in the DTS?

The DTS is an intensive 50-hour a week program. The students will participate in class lectures, corporate worship and intercession, community outreach and small groups. Throughout the week you will be involved in outreach planning and various school events/activities.

During the weekends our students are free and encouraged to explore the island of Kauai. In the past our students have enjoyed hiking, swimming, surfing and snorkeling.

What topics are covered in the lecture phase?

Students will hear from a different speaker each week on a variety of topics. Subjects may include: 

Bible Overview

Hearing God's Voice

Discipleship and Evangelism

Worship and Intercession


Holy Spirit


The Character and Nature of God

The Father Heart of God





Does DTS count as credit for other universities 


YWAM falls under the University of the Nations (U of N). The U of N is established to grant their own degrees.

The YWAM courses get U of N credits which can be applied to U of N degrees (Associate, Bachelors, and Masters).

However, credits from U of N are transferable to a number of respected Christian colleges in the United States.

Students receive 12 credit hours for the DTS lecture phase and 8 credit hours for the outreach phase. To find out more about the University of the Nations, call them at (808) 326-4400 or email them at

What are the requirements for acceptance to a DTS?

You must be 18 years or older OR have completed high school (or have a high school equivalent). In order to be accepted, a DTS student must have submitted a completed application form, the application free, and all references.

To confirm enrollment in this program you must submit your $1000 non-refundable deposit at least one month before arriving. Because YWAM Kauai values a small class size, space is limited in our DTS program.

Where does the DTS travel on outreach?

In the past we have ministered in countries such as India, China, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Nepal and the Philippines. Due to our strategic location in Hawaii we emphasize Southeast Asia and the surrounding areas. Each school seeks specific guidance from God to determine the best outreach locations for that school.

What is Kauai Like? 

Kauai is the oldest island in the Hawaiian island chain. It has been nicknamed “The Garden Island” because of it’s lush, green environment.

It is famous for the Na Pali coast where films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, and King
Kong were filmed.

It has world class beaches and surf. Waimea Canyon the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. It is known for its laid-back culture and small beach towns.

In the past students have enjoyed exploring the island on their time off. They spent time surfing, snorkeling, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Weather: Average temperature between 75-80 degrees.